Current projects underway

The ACESQ is currently:

Producing a study to create an up-to-date profile of English-speaking Quebecers and their role in the province’s economic recovery, taking into account the labour shortage
This medium-term project will look at how English-speaking populations are contributing to Quebec’s economic recovery in the wake of the pandemic. Our team is working hard to obtain granular data. Reflecting the realities of life outside of Quebec’s urban areas can be especially challenging, so our teams are taking a holistic approach to qualitative and quantitative data collection. The most recent census from 2021 will also assist our team in creating this report.

Creating a detailed report about the impact of COVID-19 on the employability challenges that English-speaking communities face across the province of Quebec
This longer-term project involves a great deal of collaboration with other advisory committees, including those representing Indigenous and immigrant communities. Especially in more rural regional areas, it can be tough to find employment services in English. Accessing vocational training and hands-on job training is also an issue for many English speakers living in the province. This study aims to shed light on these issues to help mitigate employability concerns.

Identifying francization issues in collaboration with other advisory committees
Those seeking francization programs often face barriers which halt their access. Fitting in full-time class alongside work and childcare can be immensely difficult, not to mention other pressures. These barriers have also been exacerbated since 2020 due to the demands of remote learning. We seek to identify the issues to help the government address and alleviate these concerns for those who are struggling to access and complete francization in Quebec.