The Portrait of the clientèle

The ACESQ is proud to share its “Portrait of the clientèle” report describing the employment realities of English-speaking Quebecers. This report delves into Canadian census data and qualitative interviews to provide a snapshot of the employment challenges and opportunities faced by Quebec’s English-speaking community.

This report  looks closely at key employment trends and indicators for English-speaking Quebecers, including their rising unemployment rates and lower median income levels compared to the province’s French speakers. It also includes compelling stories from English speakers on Quebec’s labour market, gathered from 30 interviews with community members.

Partner publications

Take a look at informative reports published by the CCQEA’s partner organisations:

Employment Profile of English Speakers in Québec

Employment Profile of English Speakers in Québec

This is a detailed review of the data that is available on the employment status of English speakers in Québec. It reveals that English speakers - who represent 13.8% of Québec’s population and 14.3% of its labour force - face considerable challenges in the labour...

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